Navajo Tea Thelesperma megapotanicum

Bundle Weed, or Prairie Minosa, Desmanthus illinoinsis:
Sometimes known as the North American native ayahuasca. Truly an exquisite looking plant worth having in every garden and landscaping design.
Has mimosa looking leaves, an exquisite round, white, puffy bloom that develops a rosebud-shaped seed pod cluster that gets maroon to deep crimson color as it matures.
Usually reaches 18 to 24 inches tall the first season, even if planted late in short growing season areas, and has seed pods that year too. Gets up to 6 feet tall and 3-foot diameter
Tolerates all climates from tropical to those where winter temperatures can get to sub-zero F. degrees.
No garden or landscaping should be without this beauty.
They make exquisite “pets” when grown indoors.
Seeds: packet of 100 1gm/$5.99
1,000 about 4 gm/$18.99 30grams, approx 4,000 seeds/$39.99, BULK 1 pound, about 65,000 seeds/$124.99
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Thelesperma megapotamicum is a perennial species of flowering plant in the aster family known by the common name Hopi tea green-thread and rayless green-thread. It is native to sections of the Americas, including the central United States, where it grows in many types of habitat. It is a perennial herb producing a slender, branching stem 30 to 60 centimeters tall or more. The leaves are narrow, mostly compound with linear or threadlike segments measuring a few centimeters long. The inflorescence bears several flower heads each in a cup-like involucre of phyllaries with purple-tinged, pointed lobes with white edges. The head contains many yellow or orange disc florets, and sometimes one or more yellow ray florets, although these may be absent.

Native American groups such as the Hopi and Navajo use this plant to make herbal teas, as a medicinal remedy and a yellow dye.The Hopi name for this plant is Hohoysi. The plant can be boiled whole until the water turns a rusty color and used as a tea. In addition, the Hopi people also add the plant, along with water, into large glass jars and place in the sun to make sun tea.

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100 1gm/$5.99, 1,000 about 4 gm/$18.99, 30grams, approx 4,000 seeds/$39.99,, BULK 1 pound, about 65,000 seeds/$124.99