Laxtuca virosa: Wild Lettuce

Laxtuca virosa: common name Wild Lettuce
On February 20-3 Dr Oz went on National TV and announce Wild Lettuce is a useful sleep aid. It’s been used in medicine since antiquity, for so many things it’s would take long to mention.
Extract of this has also been used in smoking blends for “legal highs”.
Smoked produces a mild “rush” followed by 90 minutes of pleasant euphoria
The highest concentrations of alkaloids are in its stems
 Whole herb leaves 30gm/5.98
Whole herb leaves 100gm/$14.98
Wholesale Whole herb leaves 1,000 gm/59.98
Wholesale Whole herb leaves 5,000gm/$299.98
Wholesale course ground stems 1,000gm/$59.98
Wholesale course ground stems 5,000gm/$299.98
Wholesale course ground stems 10,000gm/$499.98
10:1 concentration extract
Wholesale 453gm/$299.98
Seeds: 100 count/$4.98
1,000 count/$29.88
10 grams, about 10,000 seeds/$99.98
Price :




Lactuca virosa is biennial, similar to prickly lettuce Lactuca serriola but taller – it can grow to 200 cm (80 inches or almost 7 feet). It is also stouter, the stem and leaves are more purple flushed,[disputed – discuss] the leaves are less divided, but more spreading. Similar to Mycelis muralis but showing more than 5 florets.

The achene is purple black, without bristles at the tip. The pappus is the same as Lactuca serriola.

In the northern hemisphere, it flowers from July until September.


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Whole herb leaves 30gm/5.98, Whole herb leaves 100gm/$14.98, Wholesale Whole herb leaves 1,000 gm/59.98, Wholesale Whole herb leaves 5,000gm/$299.98, Wholesale course ground stems 1,000gm/$59.98, Wholesale course ground stems 5,000gm/$299.98, Wholesale course ground stems 10,000gm/$499.98, 10gm/$14.98, 30gm/34.98, Wholesale 453gm/$299.98, Seeds: 100 count/$4.98, 1,000 count/$29.88, 10 grams, about 10,000 seeds/$99.98