Elephant Head (Pedicularis bracteosa)


Pedicularis bracteosa . Common names: Betony, Elephant Head, Indian Warrior
Whole herb 30 grams/$12.49
Whole herb 100 gm/$29.98
Whole herb 453 gm/$89.98
Whole herb 1,000 gm$134.98
10:1 concentrate extract
Wholesale 453gm/$164.98
Seeds: packet 100 count/$4.98
1,000 count/$29.98

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Indian Warrior   Pedicularis bracteosa


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Whole herb 30 grams/$12.49, Whole herb 100 gm/$29.98, Whole herb 453 gm/$89.98, Whole herb 1,000 gm$134.98, 10:1 concentrate extract, 10gm/$14.98, 30gm/$39.98, Wholesale 453gm/$164.98, Seeds: packet 100 count/$4.98, 1,000 count/$29.98

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