Wild Jimsonweed, Datura inoxia


Jimsonweed, Datura inoxia. An exquisite plant with aromatic night/morning  blooming flowers, a single plant can get up to 6 ft across in a single growing season, totally wonderful. Warning, all parts of this plant are poisonous.

Contains belladonna alkaloids, and all parts of the plant are toxic. They are ingested, smoked and absorbed topically especially through mucous membranes. The exact concentration of specific alkaloids varies with species, cultivation, environment, temperature, moisture, and storage. The range of toxicity is highly variable and unpredictable; toxicity may vary from leaf to leaf, plant to plant and season to season. This contributes to the danger of misuse of the plant since the dose cannot be predicted.(5,7) The highest concentration occurs in the seeds: approximately 0.1 mg of atropine per seed or 3-6 mg/50-100 seeds.(4) An estimated lethal dose in an adult is >10 mg atropine or >2-4 mg scopolamine.(5)

The variable concentrations of alkaloids make this to dangerous of a plant to ever be consumed in it’s natural state. Preparations containing exact pharmaceutical calculated amounts of belladonna alkaloids were administered in the treatment of alcoholism through the 1930’s to 50’s. and done under clinically supervised attention.

I couldn’t discourage anyone ever consuming any kind of belladonna alkaloids through plants more.  It’s dangerous and should be taken seriously!

Seeds packet 35 count)/$2.99, 5 grams = about 1,000 seeds/$9.99. 50 gm (about 10,000 seeds)/$64.99




Seeds packet 35 count)/$2.99, 5 grams (about 1,000 seeds)/$9.99. 50 gm (about 10,000 seeds)/$64.99


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35 count/$4.99, 5 grams (about 1,000 seeds)/$9.99, 50 gm (about 10,000 seeds)/$64.99


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